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ラブクロム 朝の簡単美髪ケア【LOVECHROME official Quick hair care VOL1】
ラブクロム お風呂で簡単美髪ケア【LOVECHROME official Quick hair care VOL2】

 The LOVE CHROME®  comb utilizes a unique electro-chrome plating technology called

JP CHROME-TECH®, which is a proprietary anti-static chrome plating process that removes static friction, reduces bacteria and decreases hair damage by up to 70%. 


The resulting effect helps keep your hair extra-strong and healthy, while prolonging your hairs glamorous shine. 


JP CHROME-TECH® is a meticulous processing technique founded in Japan and based on traditional Japanese skills passed down through generations. 


During the chrome plating process the LOVE CHROME® undergoes a severe heat cycle test starting from -40°C and going up to 70°C more than 4 times, producing our highly durable surface while retaining an elegant & ceramic like comb.


Each individual comb takes more than 8 hours to complete.  

 Just like the luxury sports cars that we help to design and produce, gain speed from being lightweight, LOVE CHROME® product line embodies the same FEATHERLIGHT methodology.


Strong, Fast and Dynamic with an ergonomic design that will fit into anyone`s hand perfectly.


The FEATHERLIGHT feature enhances mobility in order to achieve your desired hair style easily. We believe, that a premium quality and luxurious comb does not need to be heavy or made of metal.


By using a select grade of engineered ABS material, we were able to create the perfect comb which is lightweight, easy to use and suitable for any type of hair. 





Normal comb



* Enlarged view by electron microscopy

 Special processing creates spherical tips that protect the scalp from irritation and damage. 

 JP CHROME-TECH™ industrial technology creates an ultra hard comb finished with a silky smoothness that reduces friction while combing (unlike rigid surface combs) and prevents long term bacteria accumulation. 

 Removing static prevents frizz resulting in up to 70% reduction

in hair damage. 


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